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Since we can no longer analyze the comments made by Santorum, onto Romney! 

As many people already know, last week Hilary Rosen took a stab at Ann Romney by saying she had never worked a day in her life. Immediately, people were in uproar over how stay at home mothers work just as hard as moms out of the home, and I must completely agree. However, I don’t feel like the context of Rosen’s comment is taken into account in these arguments. Rosen made the comment because Romney has stated he looks to his wife for information on what women in America need for politicians. Rosen continued on to explain that Ann Romney, as a stay at home mom, does not have the same needs and requests of her politicians as the average woman (who works out of the home).

Not to mention, Ann Romney is a very wealthy stay at home mother who is afforded many luxuries that many other stay at home mothers do not have access to. According to Mitt Romney, if they aren’t as privileged as his wife, they should be working and putting their kids in childcare. This is classism at its finest…if you were born rich and wealthy, then your kids get, no, deserve, to have their mother stay home and receive quality family care. If you were born poor, well then, times are hard, better pick yourself up by your bootstraps and let someone else raise your kids while you go do the rich men’s dry cleaning for a minimum wage that still puts you below the poverty level at the end of the day. You could apply for assistance, but remember, even TANF, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, is only good for so long. So hop to it. Maybe if you work hard enough and stay true to American values, you can get close to Romney’s $21 million income.

Good luck with that.

Romney, you are still 19% behind Obama in female voters. It’s not a coincidence. 

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